Simply Spending the Saturday: Just another Lazy Afternoon

Yesterday was our Spring Dance, and I had such a great time (I think all of us did). I was really tired and while I was decorating the school, I didn't want to be at the party at all. But no regrets or anything. It was a lot of fun dancing with all the first and second formers. But as you can guess it was quite late by the time I went to bed, so I'm treating myself to a lazy Saturday.
Right now I'm just chilling in my room. I have some tests and some homework to do but they can wait. I'm just surfing on the web and finding out a bunch of cool stuff. H&M released an video on their new collection in collaboration with Marni. >>I wrote about it before.<< And some of the looks in the short clip are really cool. For example, I love the yellow shorts that guy is wearing in one of the shots. The prints and the whole seventies theme are simply great. I love the way they ditched all the twenties trends going on, and they simply do their own thing. I'm also in doubt wheaten or not I should subscribe to the new dutch Vogue. I really want to subscribe to a magazine but I can't decide since there is so much to choose from. Vogue or Elle? Uk, USA, France, Italian or Dutch? I've got no clue! In my opinion Vogue is always a bit more arty then Elle, but I could be mistaking? Vogue, founded in 1892, is the world's oldest fashion magazine and I love Anna Wintour. But I was told american vogue is a bit shallow. So should I go UK? Does anyone know? Could you help me choose? For now I'll be simply waiting for the next Vogue-Homme International to come out, this march.