Anna Dello Russo for H&M

I'm very enthusiast about the new collaboration from H&M, this time with, blogger, style Icon, and Vogue Japan editor: Anna Dello Russo. Though she and I have a very different style. I love her!
Anna Dello Russo is what one might call "Anna Wintour Extravaganza". Her outfits are always over the top, fluorescent, shiny, and huuuge! She has a major influence on today's fashion industry.
H&M asked her to design a line for them even-though she's not a designer, which makes it even more remarkable. Dello Russo wanted it be an accessory line so she created enough pieces to fill a whole jewelrybox. (See the picture above, showing the items she designed) She matched many different colors, mostly pastels, to her golden designs. The wild, huge pieces are animal-shaped to make it look as if the bracelet is crawling around your wrist. All the items are very shiny and very "over the top", but I think, when matched to the right outfit, they would be soo cool!
Her face is somewhat strange, and many people don't like her sense style. They say it's to loud. But whether you love her, or hate her, you can't deny her creativity and her passion for clothing. The way she keeps re-newing herself, coming up with all those crazy ideas, just amazing!
 Check out the video about the collaboration below.
I love the way she talks about clothing, and fashion being her "language", I really agree with her. (Plus she has tiger-prints on her wall, see ±1:39) 
I don't think she will be designing any pieces for men so that's too bad for me, but I still think she did an amazing job!

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