Chanel cruise 2013

The latest Chanel show was hosted last monday at the palace of "Versaille" in France. The show with al the fountains in the old gardens is just amazing. The designs by Karl Lagerfeld were based on the 18th century Queen of France: Marie Antoinette. Therefor he emphasized on the hips, which was very common in those days. I'm predicting: we just found ourselves a whole new trend for the female figure for the upcoming decade.
The idea of this show was to create a sort of Rock look combined with some 18th century touches. It's Coco Rock, in stead of Rococo. (Totally not my joke, but it made me laugh, so I simply had to use it) A bit of an 80's-Rock touch is hidden in the sneakers the models are wearing. I like the fact they used something else in stead of heels for once, but I think these shoes are definitely hideous. The bob-line in the haircuts and the lack of a waistline reminded me of the 1920's. Lagerfeld also used a lot of lavender, mint and peach. Those pastel colors are already quite popular but as you can see, they will remain in style next year as well. As always a lot of tweed is used, very iconic for Chanel.
Of course these looks are not wearable in daily life, but you have to understand what Lagerfeld is doing: Creating art. Fashion is more then just shallow shoes only, it's about using the body as an art-piece. And again Lagerfeld succeeded in this task. I love the looks he created.
Now the completely renewed part are the hips. 
Past decades, the woman's shape was all about small waistlines, to create a sort of Dior-ish new-look look. I think: with this show, change is coming very soon. Emphasizing your hips will be the next trend in the future. Mark my words, I'm telling you! 
Do you think I'm right? And what do you think about the show?

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