As I said earlier,  I recently bought my pair of first new blue jeans since I was twelve. It's still a bit uneasy and I'm not totally comfortable. Anyway I thought It would be a good start make it into a lookbook look. Denim from top to toe. 
To be honest. I was very close to returning my Jeans to the shop today. I had a major fitting session this morning and I tried on almost every piece in my wardrobe. I'm not sure what it is but everything I put on seemed like "just" another outfit. And I don't want my outfits to be "just" another outfit, I want them all to be unique and special in their very own way. I'm afraid these  bleu jeans aren't able to the trick.
Anyway when I tried them on this afternoon whit my vintage denim Levi's blouse and matched it with my boots, I kind of liked the whole image. I just need to go denim all the way. Maybe I'm afraid to step outside of my comfort zone. On the other hand, maybe I should just stick to my old classy style. Much more me. 
For now, all I know: It's gonna take a long time to get used to these jeans. Since I accedently ripped of the label this afternoon, there's no way back. 
The jeans were from H&M. The plain white T is from WE. The shoes are from Sacha and the blouse is vintage Levi's.

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