Love it Light!

It's an early start this morning but I simply had to post this when I saw this little Video, starring Jean Paul Gaultier and those lovely cola light dolls!
First of all I'm a big fan of Jean Paul Gaultier, not only his work, I really like the man to! He seems so nice every time he appears in an interview.
So coca cola started this year with their "get glam" campaign and they restyled their diet coke cans. Apart from that the launched their Love-it-light commercials with those amazing cute dolls. Those big eyes and their diva behavior, just love it!
But now it's time for the most amazing part: They made some new commercials starring not only those lovely dolls, but Jean Paul Gaultier too! 
I simply love them! Watch them below: 
(be quick and skip to the end of the second movie: I simply ADORE his hair!!)