The biggest accessory ever made in fashion history. (literally) Twenty meters high. Four meters thick. Made in China, of course! 
This giant Louis Vuitton ad was made in Shanghai in 2010. It was build around the facade of a giant mall that was being renovated. It was supposed to cover the construction work. The luxury mall with stores like Chanel and Prada thought it would be a great stunt to promote themselves.
Unfortunately, last may, the city government of Shanghai ordered to demolish the giant suitcase, causing quite a scandal among Chinese fashion-lovers. The landmark was "too big" and "it blocked the side walk, forcing pedestrians to walk on the road." District officials claimed the advertisement was a danger to public safety. Within a week the whole suitcase was broken down and nothing was left from this amazing iconic Louis Vuitton product.
You can love it or not, I still think it's a pretty cool way of advertising.