The second I got out of school today, I raced to the shops to get my hands on the first "Vogue Nederland." And against all odds I really, really loved it!
Of course, Vogue is Vogue, so what else to expect? But we Dutch people are quite dull when it comes to excessive art or fashion. We are a bit shallow and sober so I had no idea what to expect from a dutch version of this highly regarded extroverted magazine. So to be honest, my expectations weren't to high.
I adored the magazine!
First of all, the letter form the editor sounded very promising: Emphasizing the importance of "the huge amount of creativity present in our small country." And she made it very clear that our dutch vogue "will also serve as a platform for Dutch talent, from where it can be viewed by the international community." I love the sound of that! Our little country has many talented people and in my opinion there aren't enough possibilities for the future dutch artist's to use their creativity. That's why so many creative Dutch people left the country to find their luck elsewhere. So it's nice when another "platform for Dutch talent" is offered. 
The rest of the magazine was simply great. They did a piece on my recently new-found, favorite color; yellow. So they have me on their side. The "newlook in Amsterdam" shoot is also amazing (Check some of the pictures below). I loved the picture with the herring, very bold to combine fish and fashion...
Although I still have to see if they'll be able to keep up their reputation in the upcoming issues, I'm definitely thinking about subscribing to this new and unique magazine.
I think "Vogue Nederland" is a great opportunity for our upcoming fashionable nation.