While shopping for some magazines I stumbled across this amazing cover of last months Vogue Italia cover.
Although the photo is not that surrealistic at all, I just love the total image of the gold nails, the necklace and that strange black and white picture. While quickly searching trough the magazine I couldn't find any other shoots with more of these surrealistic pics so it was kind of disappointing.
I wasn't going to buy it anyway since I was searching for the spring issue of Vogue-Homme international. It's supposed to be published this march but they still haven't got it at my local magazine store, which is really frustrating. Maybe it's a message telling me to finally subscribe for once!! Well, my birthday is coming up in two weeks, so who knows?
Ow, and I have some really exiting news: tomorrow I'll be visiting the Amsterdam academy of arts. They've invited new creative students for next year's educational program. I'm already sure that I'm not going to participate, but they offered us a whole day of workshops so I thought "why not!?" I'm not really sure what to expect. The invitation said: There will be nude-painting and your clothes might get dirty. Quite the combination right!? 
It sounds very promising, though I'm still in doubt what to wear. 
I'll try to report about my experiences tomorrow so stay tuned...