Stoned love

Bright colors are obviously my favorite. I love mixing and matching all different colors. The watch I was wearing today was bright fluorescent pink. It's hurting my eyes as I look at it. Yet somehow that color is never properly captured by my camera. I loved the blue shirt since the combination with the pink watch is so cool. Plus: the shirt matches my new socks.

I really wanted to show of these new socks. I got them a few weeks ago but I haven't worn them as I was searching for the right outfit. I totally love experimenting with socks. It's such a cute subtle way of adding that little extra touch to your look. I was in such a happy mood today that I had to show off my socks to each and everyone! As I put my leg up in the air in today's history class, I offered my teacher a good look at them. He's 65 years old and he immediately asked me where I bought them as he totally loved them too (well duh!). 
Now you may have noticed that I haven't been posting so much. To be honest I've had quite a rough time the past two weeks. And since February is so only four weeks long, I skipped half a month! 
But don't worry (apart from the polkadotted tie I wore last Tuesday) my outfits weren't that amazing. 
Spring is right around the corner, my birthday is coming up, and I'm off shopping in Amsterdam this weekend: So I guess there's an awful lot of cool outfits coming your way!

p.s. Tomorrow is international compliment day, so put on your prettiest outfit and start giving each-other compliments!

blazer- Zara
T-shirt - Pull&Bear
Trousers - Zara
shoes - Manfield
watch- Too Late
socks - HappySocks

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