F.A.B. Trendspot: Safari-trend

So Today I had a wild day in the wild! To end our summer-vacation we thought it would be nice to visit a wild-life-resort. And what would be more fashionable than going on a safari, in a safari suit! And well, you can see the result in the pictures above. This trend has been going on for almost a year now, so we thought we should give it a try!

The safari-look is almost half a century old. It was Yves Saint Laurent, in 1968, who first launched his safari-look using mostly kaki en beige colors. Ever since, the trend has been endlessly renewed and re-used. And since there's this whole sixties trend going on at the moment, we couldn't leave the safari-trend behind. It was seen last spring/summer shows on the catwalks of Louis Vuitton and many other brands.
The whole idea of the safari-look is to be functional and stylish at the same time. Apart from all the little gadgets you would have to carry around in the wild, you'll also have to protect yourself from wild animals and insects. And besides all that, you'll have to remain elegant. It's seems like going on a wild-life vacation is no vacation at all!
On the other hand, obtaining the safari look is very easy. The light brown colors, such as beige and kaki, can easily be matched with either jungle-green or navy. And of course the endless classics, black and white, are very common to use. Just pick a basic item in a light-brownish tone. Just one skirt, short, or jacket is enough. Try it with a white blouse or a navy striped shirt. 
Just add some simple accessories like a pair of gloves, a sun hat, a waist-belt around your jacket. Take some vintage accessories to personalize your outfit. Use some leather items to create that tough though trendy look. Both black and Brown leathers can be used, but remember to always match your leathers. Don't combine those colors using different accessories in one look. Use either brown, or black, definitely not both at the same time!