F.A.B. What to wear: Formal-wear on a sunny day

Today, a Friend of my asked me to help her organize a High Tea. Since I love baking things, (And I love eating, even more!) I couldn't resist the offer.
Of course, My High Tea wasn't very formal, but whether your special summer occasion is formal or not: It's always nice to look pretty. It's very important to pick your outfit carefully, especially when you're spending a lot of time in the kitchen and you won't have time to change. Pastels and white are very dangerous since it will easily show the stains, left by the brownies you were baking.
Summer shoppings for women are easily done. Nice summer dresses can be combined with either heels or a playful pair of casual shoes like vans or chucks. Keep in mind that you should always cover your knees and shoulders when attending a formal party. You could wear a light shawl over your shoulders or a pair of a bit airy tights.
It's always a lot harder for men to shop a nice formal summer outfit. Short sleeves are definitely a no go. A light blouse with long sleeves is always a good option but it's very simple and there's nothing to mix and match anymore, your outfit will be plain and simple. That's not always what we're aiming for. A nice blazer made out of thin fabrics are a great solution. Try linen or seersucker. These fabrics will always keep you cool and won't stick to your skin on a hot humid sweaty day. Then there's always: the vest, for the more informal look. But still very fashionable. No sleeves, still a finishing touch to your outfit. You can always wear a good pair of trousers, shorts are absolutely forbidden. Unless you can handle the latest trend: Tailored shorts. A shorter version of the neat pressed trousers we all know. But these shorts were only made for the very young and thin people in our world, so be careful.