FAB: What to wear: Festival-Look

Although the festival-season has come to an end, it's always important to attend a festival in the right outfit. 
The tricky part with festivals, will always be the weather. What to wear on a hot sunny day, and what if it starts raining like an apocalypse/
First of all, never wear your good clothes. There's 100% chance you will get dirty: Mud, sleeping in tents, beer flying all over the place. Never take the best pieces of your wardrobe, keep it simple. Instead, try adding some accessories to your look. They will refine you and make you look good. 
Second, the weather: It's nice to protect yourself from the hot sun. A sun-hat or a simple base-ball cap will keep your eyes and head sun-safe, plus they will add this nice extra personal touch to your outfit. Keep your clothing light, and try using multiple layers. That way, you can take things off during the sweaty afternoon. And you'll be nice and warm on late cold summer nights when putting things back on.  
Another nice and easy gadget is the foldable umbrella. Available in all shapes, sizes, colors and patterns. They will protect you from the sun and from the rain. The perfect solution of you ask me!
Then of course the eternal question: What kind of shoes should I wear? Chucks, are a must have of course. Cheap, easy, comfortable, stylish and a classic. Definitely one of the best ways to walk around the festival. Vans are simple and stylish too, but they don't cover your ankels, so your feet might get muddy after all. 
Also perfect: The good ol' rubber boot. Green black whatever. Nice Chunky and still fashionable when matched whit the right outfit.