F.A.B. Bag to School

Today all the schools are starting again, and as we all know, the first day of school is always the most important one. You'll always have to look good, especially when pictures are taken on your first day. But it's also the first day after the summer-vacation. The moment to make a nice fresh new start.
Besides wearing the perfect outfit, there's always the problem with finding the perfect bag. During your complete high-school career this bag will be a part of your appearence. It's important to choose carfully. 

Backpacks are available in shapes and sizes. The most iconic bag is the plain black backpack by Eastpak. Simple, classic and easy to mix and match with every outfit. This model is also available in hundreds of other colors and prints. When buying your new schoolbag, be careful! Keep in mind what you're going to wear with this bag. It's nice to have a screaming colored bag, but when you're not able to match it with the rest of your wardrobe, you will regret your purchase. Therefore, a nice simple classic bag is the easiest  way to remain stylish.
Of course there are enough other simple brands out there, making proper fashionable bags for affordable prizes. Like Converse, Zara or H&M. 
Unique, one of a kind, items are always the best to have. I always like owning a piece that nobody else has. This year, Eastpak designed a new line of backpacks made of old recycled plastic. Every piece is unique, that's what makes it so special. 
Apart from that, you can always search in your grandma's attic. Vintage bags are often very solid and offer a great (and cheap) retro look.
Remember, a bag must be useful too. After all, there made for function, not for fashion. All your books have fit in the bag. On the other hand, many parents buy their first graders these gigantic humongous backpacks providing space for all their lunch-boxes, books, calculators, pens, pencils, dictionaries, etc etc. You just have to find the perfect balance between fashion and function...